Holocaust Remembrance

We are so pleased that the voices, stories and photographs of our Bet Torah Survivors and Liberators are now gathered together, preserved and made accessible on a website hosted by Bet Torah for our community forever.   

We are grateful to all the Survivors and families who have come forward to share their stories with us. 

We hope this living Holocaust Memorial website becomes a rich resource for Bet Torah educators and their students and for all those who wish to learn about the Holocaust and be inspired by the Survivors’s stories of resilience and love. 

Help us continue to honor our Bet Torah Community’s Survivors and Liberators by learning and sharing their stories with future generations.  Elie Wiesel said “To hear a witness is to be a witness.” By listening to the Survivors on this website tell their stories you will become a witness. 

Never Again.


Rabbi Aaron Brusso's Welcoming Comments

Mark Koller's Welcoming Comments